Thursday, October 11, 2012

Did internet kill Point & Click Adventures?

When I heard that Revolution Software was going to go ahead and make 'Beneath a Steel Sky 2', I was so psyched! BASS was one of many 'Point and Click' games I played as a very young boy and I would consider it, along with 'Day of the Tentacle' and 'Simon the Sorcerer 2'. one of my favorite games of all time. I find myself coming back to this game and wishing that someone explored more of this fantastic setting... And finally it has come true.

But why did it take 18 years? And where did the classic 'Point and Click' game go?

'Exterminate! Exterminate!' Joey

When I played 'Simon the Sorcerer 2', I could go around trying to use everything together with anything else and see if that would do any progress(the fact that I was like 6 and didn't know any English at all didn't help). But then my uncle gave me a document with a full walkthrough, and I could finally finish the game. Even though you can think of walkthrough as cheating, I still felt pretty good about finish the game that way. Mostly because it took a lot of effort to actually find this walkthrough, it turned into a puzzle itself since finding things on the internet back then wasn't the easiest.
   Today, it takes just a few clicks to find a walkthrough games, and for point and click games.. that's a bad thing since the puzzles are the key challenge of the entire game. So I have to ask myself:

Did internet kill the classic point and click games?

Did people stop enjoying these type of games because of this easy access to walkthroughs? Or were people just tried to the gameplay? I believe that somewhere along the line, the games together with walkthroughs just turned into a series of necessary steps to complete the games. People didn't longer consider it a challenge since every solution was so simple to find. And gradually, these games stopped being released...

The latest point & click game I played was the 'Back To The Future' episode games. And being a big BTTF fan, I really enjoyed these games and their great storyline. But I'm not sure what I think of the clue system they have in that game. In one way it works good since you can get a hint but not the entire solution directly, But the easy access to actually getting the answer is even easier than the walkthroughs! You don't even have to switch to a web browser, the solution is inside of the game. It turned into a Pandora's box, you knew the solution was there so you wanted to look, but feel it would be wrong to do it.

I believe that games like these must add something more to their gameplay to make it more attractive on the market again.  And I wonder if BASS 2 and Double Fine Adventure will be a homage to the old classical games or if we will see a revolution and perhaps the reincarnation of point and click games?

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